A FriendFeedic Convergence Of FFunderous Proportions


You know, they do this for fun.

Welcome to the 25th episode of the FFundercats Podcast. This podcast is devoted to FriendFeed and is hosted by Josh Haley and Johnny Worthington.
Special Guest:
Louis Gray: louisgray.com

In this episode: Get your brains working kids, Louis Gray drops some FFunderous science on on the boys and the entire FriendFeed Universe. We talk all things filters, search, friendship and why Twitter continues to suck (Did I say that out loud?). We are also joined by one of the Gray twins, Sarah, who drops her own special brand of Gray Science.

Discussion Topics:

Picks Of The Week:

In this episode, we used FriendFeed’s new realtime in beta to create a single thread to use for a chat room during the live broadcast. Apparently it broke a record and is THE most commented thread in FriendFeed to date! :D

Listen to the episode online or download directly:

Our Picks of the Week:

Moment of Win: “I’m dropping science like I’m Louis Gray, yo!

Shout Out: Those crazy kids over at Geek Troika, our sister podcast!
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