A FriendFeedic Convergence Of FFunderous Proportions


You know, they do this for fun.
Welcome to the 70th episode of the FFundercats Podcast. This podcast is devoted to FriendFeed and is hosted by Josh Haley and Johnny Worthington.

In this episode: GLENMODE ACTIVATED! We (and by ‘we’ I mean ‘I’ since Johnny had to get his hair done this week) get to sit down with Glen Campbell of Yahoo! News. We talk about how he made his way in Silicon Valley and talk about his podcast On Garner Road in which he interviews various people from around the web (so far, Friendfeed users) as well as how to become a multimedia superstar on Friendfeed. We discuss topics from Friendfeed from the past week. We also attempt to play an ukulele duet version of Stairway to Heaven on 2 ukuleles. Well, one each.

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“Caution! Falling dipthonginization ahead.”

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